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Does it ever feel like you get caught up??!! Just last night, I was working on gifts for my out of town family, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t prepared Christmas Cards! I’ve got big work deadlines and the kids are running in a million directions. We haven’t created that gorgeous proverbial family portrait posed in the Autumn leaves this year, or on a bridge in matching sweaters. But we’ve got a year of great memories in photos sitting right here on my laptop, so I investigated the apps available online.

They’re quite easy to use! Now, the collage image on the left, above, was literally thrown together using a stock background and several of my uploaded photos using www.fotor.com, however there are GOBS of styles and apps to choose from so I’ll share my experience and encourage you to give it a try. :)

  1. I tried Fotor, Ribbit, and Kizoa. These are FREE for use! There are paid upgrades available on some, but I wouldn’t even bother for something as simple as a Christmas Card collage. Of the three, I found Fotor the easiest to jump right into without even having to create an account.
  2. In most, you can select low, medium, or high resolution as your final version (for web, desktop printing, or professional printing output, respectively). This is GREAT because if you’d like to have them printed using your favorite photo printing service, you won’t have to worry about losing the details of your original pics!

  3. They’re NEARLY fool proof! The worst experience you’ll have is having to restart the project or reload the photos. I’d recommend starting a small folder on your desktop with your photos selected in advance and copied to this folder, so that if you have to restart a project, you won’t have to re-sift through your year of photo files.

  4. There are templates for all personalities. Now be open minded — if you’re an artist by nature, you might not be able to envision the design and make it happen. I found it better to just start dragging things around and see what happens.

  5. It’s not too late! It’s only December 3rd! By the end of today, you TOO could have your year in family photos arranged in a fun collage, saved, uploaded to social media or sent to print for mailing!

Here at Netchicks, we’d LOVE to help you with ALL of your design needs, INCLUDING your family’s or your business’s holiday greeting cards, but we also know that YOU have a LOT on your plate and we’re happy to steer you toward resources that are going to make your life just a wee big easier today!! There are a lot of freebies out there and we want our customers to find and USE them!

As you’re considering your year end needs (once you get your Christmas Cards sent out!) give us a ring and let us know how we can help you with that year-end annual report, your 2014 marketing strategy, or that new social media campaign you’re ready to launch… we ARE your creative business boutique, EMPOWERing you for SUCCESS! ❤

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